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Our Key Players

Watts joined the company as Partner in 2014 and leads the overall efforts in corporate direction and strategy. Watts has been the driving force behind our newly energized marketing and branding efforts. He has a love of organization and efficiency and can sometimes be spotted rearranging the breakroom fridge. Naturally he's in charge of all company pools be it the World Cup, March Madness or Fantasy Football. His day begins with a 5:00 a.m. boot camp and an hour long commute (on a good day) and he still arrives cheerful and ready to give 110%. On Saturday he can be found sharing a Daddy/Daughter breakfast with a princess, followed by an afternoon of nerf gun battles, golf, soccer, or horseback riding. If he really likes you he will share a podcase.


Watts Humphrey

Woodbridge title

Kevin is Mike’s son and has recently taken the helm at Woodbridge. His background in sales at Century ignited his love of fine furniture (if it wasn’t genetic) and his training there prepared him to grow our customer database to the friendly network of dealers we have today. Rest assured if you have met Kevin, he remembers you and probably your dog’s name too. He juggles sales management, hospitality orders, coaching YMCA basketball and rooting for the TarHeels.

The only person we’ve met more driven than Kevin, is his daughter. (look out world)


Kevin Hinshaw

Woodbridge title

Mike likes to pretend he’s retired, and after building this company for 15 + years following a longstanding career with Baker, he certainly deserves to. However, his valuable insight is still called upon often and he appears at market as our own fan favorite. The rest of the year he is dubbed “Papa”and known to hand out dollar bills for baskets made by his grandson, Max


Mike Hinshaw

Woodbridge title

Preston is normally seen as a blur of motion as he’s whizzing around here putting out fires and expediting orders. Operations is his catch all, but that pretty much means he just gets it done. If he’s giving you a hard time, it’s because he loves you, and also, he really needs you to do what he was just teasing you about. Fun fact: he drives a smart car. His wife, Cass, has the SUV (someone has to cart around these kids).


Preston Key

Woodbridge title

Melissa loves to laugh and joke around, but she needs a closet for all the hats that she wears. She will sleuth down to the root of any problem, and has the resolve to handle accounts payable. Her follow through is uncanny, and she genuinely loves helping people. Her favorite part of summer was stepping into the air conditioning after girl scouts camp, but Elizabeth is growing up too fast, and she’s a good Mom. Good Moms also watch Ozark, right?


Melissa Harrison

Woodbridge title

Daniel is the friendly voice you are most likely to hear on the phone. He handles customer service and the COM department which means his pants are always covered in lint. He’s a runner, in a book club and supports the High Point Historical Preservation society but his favorite hobby is training show dogs. Between 1:30 & 2:30 daily, he can be found walking his dalmation, Buddy.


Daniel Dale

Woodbridge title

DeAnna is flat out busy, ya’ll. This girl single handedly enters all the orders (and thanks to you, that’s a big job). She has been a valuable part of our team almost since the beginning. Her vacations are spent at the beach with her husband and her son (who’s an eagle scout and headed to Wake Forest University this fall, we are all a little proud wink wink). On her first day back, we are REALLY glad to see her. She especially loves the birthday hat.


DeAnna Curry

Woodbridge title

Marian is a St.Louis native and no stranger to the soft side of the home furnishing industry. She is a textile designer who decided to try her hand at the hardest job we have: returns, problems and invoicing. She must really like us, and that feeling is mutual.  We have big plans for eveyone here, just you wait and see.  In a discussion across the table during our Holiday luncheon, Marian won for the strangest food combination admittedly eaten...toasted ravioli with mustard.


Marian Stephenson

Woodbridge title

Steven is our warehouse manager and has de-throned Watts as the lunch coordinator. Steven, Jimmy and Edgar are always smiling, which says a lot considering how physically hard they work, and the fact that they report to P-diddy. We are grateful to have Steven on our team, even if he does have illegally tinted windows in his car.


Steven LeBeau

Woodbridge title

Joe is quiet and going to hate this type of promotion, but he is one of the most talented furniture designers in the industry. He has technically drawn the concepts for several of the design masters; Barbara Barry & Sir Humphrey Wakefield to name drop a few. A graduate of the Kindall College of Art & Design, his Michigan design roots have grown deep through experience. All our products are his babies, but none more loved than his two at home.


Joe McCambridge

Woodbridge title

Cass has worked with us off and on for years in retail as a designer and later as our sales representative in the DC/MD market. When we hired her husband, Preston in 2016 they moved back here to their alma-mater HPU. Cass gets to do the fun stuff, social media, showroom design and product development. If she wasn’t so nice we would hate her.


Cass Key

Woodbridge title

Wendy (Disney Alias: Goofy) comes to us with 20 years of experience in the furniture industry, starting with advertising and moving onto residential and hospitality manufacturers. She loves Market and the talented and fun people she’s met along the way. Her number one love is her daughter, who aspires to be a professional artist one day (or maybe it’s her husband, they can duke that out later). She claims she can’t remember her first CD but we’re pretty sure she still jams out to Fleetwood Mac, while crocheting, when no one is around. Her favorite Woodbridge piece is the 1187-10 Chairside Deed Box so she can hide her overstock of yarn.


Wendy Sullivan

Woodbridge title

Support Staff

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Brenda McDowell


Jimmy Flores Venegas


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