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Order Acknowledgement: All orders are subject to our approval before the order is accepted and entered. Woodbridge acknowledges all accepted orders in writing and the acknowledgement will be faxed or emailed to the dealer. The order acknowledgment is the final expression of agreement between the customer and Woodbridge. An order can be modified only by a written change or reconfirmation.

Shipping: All orders accepted by Woodbridge will be shipped only to the dealers’ designated locations.

Order Changes/Cancellations: Orders cannot be changed or cancelled after they have been scheduled for shipment.

Returns/Claims: Customers should carefully inspect all items at the time of delivery and note any obvious damage on the delivery receipt. The consignee must handle damage claims with the delivering carrier. All claims resulting from defects, shortages, or errors must be made in writing within 10 days of receipt. No claims for the repair or servicing of merchandise will be honored unless Woodbridge has specifically authorized prior approval in writing.

Returns of merchandise will not be accepted without an approved Return Authorization. Returns as an accommodation will be charged a 25% restocking charge.

Pricing and Specifications: Pricing is subject to change without notice. All prices are FOB Woodbridge Furniture Co.’s High Point, NC warehouse.

Standard Terms are Net 30 from date of invoice. Interest is charged at 1.5% per month on past due balances. No shipments will be made if account has a past due balance.

All sizes, weights, and cubic feet of furniture are provided as a guide and are subject to variations.

Manufacturing Techniques: As materials and methods are developed which will result in an improved product, we reserve the right to apply these materials and methods without notice.

Care of Wood Furniture: Our finishes are protected by several coatings of lacquer, which will last indefinitely under controlled conditions. Lacquer coatings are not invulnerable to direct sunlight and heat, scratches, dents, or spills of alcoholic beverages. Avoid using silicone waxes, oil-based polishes, or lemon oils. Keep your furniture shielded from daily exposure to direct sunlight, as the sun may cause deterioration of the original finish. Clean your furniture with routine dusting using a damp cloth and then dry the surface immediately using a dry, soft cloth. Always wipe in the direction of the wood grain

Marble/Stone/Granite Disclaimer: Marble, Stone, and Granite are products of nature and no two pieces are alike. There will be unique variations in color, and each piece has its own distinctive beauty. Clean stone surfaces with a soft cloth, using a mild liquid dishwashing detergent and lukewarm water. Avoid using a cleaning product containing vinegar, lemon, or other acids. Do not use scouring powders or creams, as they contain abrasives that may scratch the surface.

Leather Disclaimer: Leather is a natural product produced as a byproduct of animal hides (mostly cows, steers, and water buffalo). Due to the life-style of the animals, leather will always have natural markings such as brands, insect bites, scars, wrinkles, stretch marks, abrasions, and burns. These markings are not considered defects but rather indication of true genuine leather.

• Some Woodbridge items are available in multiple finishes. Please refer to the specific item number in this price list for complete information.

• We are able to offer a catalyzed lacquer on any wood item. Catalyzed lacquer is a harder, more durable lacquer and is resistant to the adverse effects of liquids, including alcohol. It provides additional protection against penetrating marks and dents, but is not completely impervious to these marks. Catalyzed lacquer does not provide scratch resistant protection. There is no difference in the appearance or sheen level of an item finished in our catalyzed lacquer compared to our standard nitrocellulose lacquer. There is an additional charge of 25% ($100 minimum) + four additional weeks for the catalyzed lacquer option.

• Woodbridge is also able to paint most wood items. You may specify a paint manufacturer’s color, another furniture supplier’s color, or a Woodbridge paint. As well, we are able to apply multiple colors on an item and to offer specialized application techniques such as crackling, rub-through, glazing, or a straight paint application. We strongly encourage a sample be submitted with your order, particularly when a specialized technique is desired. We can provide a strike-off for a non-refundable fee of $30. The upcharge for the custom paint option is an additional 35% ($100 minimum) and it will add approximately four weeks to the lead time. The upcharge for two different custom paint colors on the same item is a 45% upcharge.

• $25 upcharge to add Nail Head Trim above the welt line on any bar stool.

• $75 upcharge to purchase a Woodbridge leather to be applied as a COM application on a dining chair or bar stool seat.

This price list and all sales aids are the property of Woodbridge Furniture Company and may be used by authorized Woodbridge dealers. Use of these materials by anyone other than an authorized Woodbridge dealer is an unlawful interference with the property rights of Woodbridge and may subject any such user to legal action by Woodbridge.